Entry: Palace of Memories

Palace of Memories

Have you ever heard of Sydney's lost 19th century Garden Palace? Artist Jonathan Jones challenges Australia's colonial history by remembering and re-imagining the Garden Palace, a grand building destroyed in 1882, which contained irreplaceable Aboriginal cultural material. The cause of the fire that destroyed the Garden Palace remains one of the great unsolved mysteries in Sydney's history. Inspired by the Indigenous philosophy that fire is a symbol of regeneration, Jones created an expansive sculptural work at the former site of the Palace in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The work acknowledges the trauma of this cultural loss while seeking a way forward through healing, strength and reflection. This three part series, produced for the ABC Arts iview channel, follows the development of Jones' work for Kaldor Public Art Projects. It explores the realisation of the artist's vision and delves into the story behind this poignant commemoration of forgotten histories.