Entry: No Pink Cowboys

No Pink Cowboys

No Pink Cowboys is a six part comedic web series that follows housemates AB and Sam as they fumble their way through adulthood. The series is an exploration of relationships – from friendship and family on the one hand, to the loud mouthed colleagues practicing their golf swing on the other. Living in the northern Melbourne suburbs, AB and Sam are both dealing with their own hardships. AB is struggling with her desk job, getting bogged down by the constant high-fives and Macarena moves of uninspired colleagues. Sam meanwhile is working part time as a pizza delivery driver while regularly looking after his two-year-old daughter, Hannah. Both try to mitigate life’s hardships through online dating, with predictably disastrous results. The series features a cheesy pick up artist, a broken hearted barman, a foul-mouthed pizza shop owner, but no pink cowboys. Not even one. Sorry to disappoint.